1. Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD) model. Development of a sustainable model based on existing technologies of small-scale AD, including energy demand management to adapt energy production to the fluctuating demand of the manufacturing industry. Handbook describing the model and case studies where it has been applied, presented in national workshops. Case studies open to visits.

  2. Business collaboration models (BCM) that eliminate the dependency on public subsidies and offer alternative funding opportunities. The model will be detailed in a handbook and presented in national workshops. It will be accompanied by a program to evaluate the sustainability of new small scale biogas plants (‘smallBIOGAS’).

  3. Build-up of skills and awareness on small-scale AD through on-line and face-to-face trainings, live webinars, national contact points. Train-the-trainer scheme.

  4. Set the ground for new investments through face-to-face meetings with agro-food companies with potential to implement small-scale AD, including sustainability analysis, involvement in technical tours and workshops & trainings, and promoting agreements between the target companies and key stakeholders.

  5. Website dedicated to small-scale biogas technology applied to agro-food industry waste, including information on suitable raw materials, technologies, success stories, etc. All relevant information generated during the project will be available.

BIOGAS3 PROJECT - Sustainable small-scale biogas from agri-food waste for energy self-sufficiency
Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

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